From the Desk of Agrani’s Cultural Secretary Moumon Mitra

The UN stated in their celebration for International Women’s Day 2022, “Women of the world want and deserve an equal future, free from stigma, stereotypes and violence, a future that is sustainable, peaceful, with equal rights and opportunities for all.’’ This year, the Women’s Success Center will participate in the International Women’s Day 2022 theme #BreaktheBar. We are making progress, but we have a long way to go. During a time when the world puts so much emphasis on image, different aspects of appearance, tell yourself that you are truly beautiful. Beauty comes from confidence. Stay true to yourself.Life is bound to be filled with failed relationships, failed exams, and everything in between. But the world will not end over any of those things. And yes, time really will heal all wounds. Most importantly, believe that you can accomplish anything. Women across the globe are working hard and they have achieved what they wanted to. We just need to believe that for ourselves. True happiness starts within. Let go of negativity. It does not only take a toll on you and your environment, but it can also be extremely hard on those around you. Any kind of affirmation that makes you feel good about yourself, is perfect! No matter how far we journey in life, there are always questions that revolve around our minds. These questions enable us to determine where we are, where we have been, where we intend to go and how these actions have shaped our life. Find the purpose and find a balance in life while there are so many things happening around us.When we create a space of positivity, it means to tend to your inner voice.

Life is a crate of experience. Each layer or section has a lesson taught. As things unfold through every process in life, rising and growing, rooting, falling, there is a lesson hanging between each and every phase. At certain spots you may be in an invisible space where everything seems to be crumbling down. Dreams are magnified through a glass of limitation. Every scare, every struggle and turbulence of survival is a badge of honor.In a bid of survival, we are bound to make connections, lose some in the way, and pick up certain negative traits of limitation. From these experiences, we learn and move on. For years, women belittled their accomplishments, curbed their authenticity by not giving permission to be herself, silenced their voice and intuition, compromised beliefs, and prioritized others over herself. At the end of the process, women were enervated, externally and internally.Life will always give you a second chance. It does. Accept the challenge and experiences of life. Make them a steppingstone to a greater journey of empowerment and strength. Create some me time every day, soaking your soul in peace. Let go of the limitations of the past. Declare your worth to the world. Implement a self-compassion mantra.Today I have outlined my personal process that I used in scripting my life to a new horizon that has discovered my true value and self-worth.Embrace your flaws, quirks, interests, and preferences. Take risks. Feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. You have bettered yourself. Cherish the woman in you!